Who told you your hair was not beautiful?

The word black has so many negative connotations associated with it and black hair has been labeled as “bad hair”

Growing up I was told that my natural hair was nappy, dry and ugly and I grew up seeing a glorified European standard of beauty. Well as a child I internalized those things and carried those beliefs throughout my adulthood until in learned the truth.

I’ve learned that those negative stigmas were placed on me because of the racism that exists. I’ve learned that my hair is tightly curled and with the right amount of moisture my curls really pop. Ultimately I’ve learned that my hair is beautiful and its okay to be who I am created to be. Who told you that your hair was not beautiful in your past and what have you learned along the way?


Published by Joshica

I'm a wife, mom military veteran, author and CEO of JOSHICA BEAUTY

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