If you wear a wig or a weave; you are getting played…

If you are constantly spending your coins on fake hair, you are getting played. You are getting duped by the hair care industry into spending your hard earned money on something you don’t need. They are playing I to your insecurities about wearing your own hair and constantly ripping you off. You spend money onContinue reading “If you wear a wig or a weave; you are getting played…”

Who told you your hair was not beautiful?

The word black has so many negative connotations associated with it and black hair has been labeled as “bad hair” Growing up I was told that my natural hair was nappy, dry and ugly and I grew up seeing a glorified European standard of beauty. Well as a child I internalized those things and carried thoseContinue reading “Who told you your hair was not beautiful?”

Happy to be “Nappy”

“Nappy” is considered a derogatory term to describe tightly curled afro textured hair. “Happy To Be Nappy” was a little phrase I would say to dismiss the haters but I was never really confident with my hair because of all of the negative attention it warranted.  Eventually, I stared to believe the bad things and startedContinue reading “Happy to be “Nappy””

More About the Author

Joshica Kiah Craig is a wife, mother, military veteran, CEO, author of The Strength of Your Strands, and natural hair expert. Based in Los Angeles, California, Joshica began Joshica Beauty with a purpose-driven mission: to empower black women everywhere to not only embrace their natural hair but love their natural hair and begin living unapologeticallyContinue reading “More About the Author”

Change your mindset before you change your hair

You have to change your mindset before you change your hair. You have to know that this is you and learn to love what you have. You have to be willing to go through the struggle of bad hair days, the high maintenance and dealing with the stigmas around black hair.  Learn to take yourContinue reading “Change your mindset before you change your hair”