What does your hair say about you?

Does your hair say that you are black and proud? 

When you wear hair weave, wigs, straight hair and relaxers you are saying that you’re not comfortable in your own skin and that you’re not proud of being black. 

You’re saying that you do not care for your real hair and would rather cover it up in order to achieve a more European style. 

You are saying that you don’t love yourself enough to wear your own hair. 

You are saying you’re not complete without hair wigs or weaves and you prefer someone else’s hair texture over your own. 

Start putting yourself first. Choose your hair instead and don’t be influenced to think a certain way or to follow the masses because it’s fashionable or trendy.

Show the world who you are and show them that you are black and proud.


Published by Joshica

I'm a wife, mom Air Force veteran, author and CEO of JOSHICA BEAUTY

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