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Hi, I’m Joshica. Previously a supply technician in The Air Force, I am a full-time mother of three and CEO of JOSHICA BEAUTY. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful children and loving husband, I’m sharing my fascination with natural hair, self-care, and living a healthy life!

All black women need to hear that they are beautiful, that they are accepted, that they are enough. They don’t need to change their appearance to be seen, to be heard, or to be loved. What we have to offer the world is great and we don’t have to change or try so hard to fit in. We should celebrate our uniqueness and be the women we were created to be. It’s time to build our self-worth and stop being bullied by the hair care industry that is making billions off of our insecurities. It’s time to own our own space and build our self-esteem by having a healthy relationship with our self-image.

Get your copy of my book The Strength of Your Strands to read more on loving who you are and why it’s time to embrace your natural hair.

The Strength of Your Strands Book

Throughout her life, Joshica Kiah Craig has dealt with assimilating into white America, battling with her self-esteem.  Now the CEO of Joshica Beauty unpacks the lessons on the hair care industry, what it means to be black and learning to love her natural hair. From growing up being called nappy to doing “the big chop” she shares the highs and lows of her natural hair journey and why she chooses to be unapologetically black.

Brimming with venerability and the uncensored truth she takes you along her journey of self-discovery. The Strength of Your Strands is not your average guide to natural hair, it’s for every woman who is struggling to start her natural hair journey and for every woman who is ready to live out her life as her best self. 

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