Happy to be “Nappy”

“Nappy” is considered a derogatory term to describe tightly curled afro textured hair. “Happy To Be Nappy” was a little phrase I would say to dismiss the haters but I was never really confident with my hair because of all of the negative attention it warranted. 

Eventually, I stared to believe the bad things and started to subconsciously hate my hair. After years of self-hate and an unhealthy relationship with my self- esteem I learned to love my hair and in turn became confident in myself. I’ve titled the first Chapter of my book “Happy to Be Nappy” as I tell my story about how the self-hate started on my path to self-discovery. 

The Strength of Your Strands, out now!

Published by Joshica

I'm an Air Force veteran, a naturalista, wife, mom and CEO of Joshica Beauty, luxury skin and hair care

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