You Are Beautiful

All black women need to hear that they are beautiful, that they are accepted, that they are enough.  We don’t need to change our appearance to be seen, to be heard or to be loved.  What we have to offer the world is great and we don’t have to change or try so hard to fit in. We should celebrate our uniqueness and be the women we were created to be.  It’s time to build our self-worth and stop being bullied by the hair care industry that is making billons off of our insecurities. It’s time to own our space and build our self-esteem by having a healthy relationship with our self image. 

Are you newly natural?

Are you newly natural? Are you considering going natural? Do you wear hair weaves or relaxed hair? Black women have been using hair relaxers and hiding behind hair weaves for years and now it is time for us to let it all go and come into our own. It’s time to wake up and realize that we are beautiful and that we need to show who we are.  It’s time to start encouraging one another that we don’t need to cover up the beautiful tresses that we have been blessed with, we just need to learn how to work it! It’s amazing to see how far we have come as black women, yet so obvious how far we have to go when it comes to our hair. Are you ready to dispel the negative sigmas about black hair? Are you ready to be naturally free and walk with confidence, living out your full potential and loving your natural hair? Be inspired and empowered to know that there is strength in your hair. 

Beauty Without Boundaries

The beauty and hair care industries have dominated the societal definition of beauty for decades. Commercials feature blonde airbrushed models with long luxurious hair dancing across on televisions in homes around the world, shaping little girls’ self-esteem and worldview. The problem: the beauty industry has shaped this “ideal” through stigmas, unrealistic expectations, exclusions, and aggressions. While this has undoubtedly impacted women of all shapes and sizes, this standard has disproportionately impacted black women. Natural hair has been deemed unprofessional, untamed, and even unattractive at times, but why? Joshica Kiah Craig, founder of Joshica Beauty, the all-natural beauty brand by an all-natural girl, is on a mission to empower black women to redefine the standard of beauty on their own terms; naturally. 

Scheduled for release Spring 2021

In her new book The Strength of Your Strandsreleasing Mother’s Day Weekend, May 7, Joshica breaks down the lies of the beauty industry while outlining the intricacies of her own journey to embracing natural hair, and the freedom she’s found in authenticity. No longer wanting to hide behind wigs and hair relaxers (sold by the same companies who advertise products for natural hair), Joshica began her journey to living naturally when she became pregnant with her son. The dangers of harsh chemicals became more apparent than ever, and all-natural products were the only option. Unable to find products that truly nourished natural hair, Joshica launched Joshica Beauty. 

More than a line of all-natural products with high-quality ingredients; Joshica Beauty is not just a brand, but a community of bold beautiful women focused on self-care and self-love. Nurturing that theme of community, Joshica uses The Strength of Your Strands to walk readers through her experience. From growing up being called “nappy” to making “the big chop” she shares the highs and lows of her natural hair journey and why she chooses to be unapologetically black. Brimming with venerability and the uncensored truth she takes you along her journey of self-discovery. 

Black women are under attack!

Black women your self-esteem is under attack and it’s time to take back your power! The negative stigmas that have been placed on black hair were all a lie. After years of being influenced by the media to aspire to a European standard of beauty and years of intense dislike of your natural hair, it’s time to embrace what you have. It’s time to understand the power of the media, the negative stigmas about black hair, and the hair care industry that is profiting off of your insecurities. I share my story of overcoming the hate and being empowered to walk confidently with my natural hair and why its time to take back your power and start living unapologetically black.”

About the book

Throughout her life Joshica Kiah Craig has dealt with assimilating into white America, battling with her self-esteem.

Now the CEO of JOSHICA BEAUTY unpacks the lessons on the hair care industry, what it means to be black in America and learning to love her natural hair.

From growing up being called “nappy” to doing “the big chop” she shares the highs and lows of her natural hair journey and why she chooses to be unapologetically black she shares the highs and lows of her natural hair journey.

Free Your Mind and Your Hair Will Follow

Going natural does not start with a change of hair style, it starts with a change of your mindset. For years we have been taught that we have “bad hair” and that we need to straighten our hair in order to look presentable. We are surrounded by the negative stigmas that says that black hair is unattractive and unruly. You have to first stop the noise that tells you that you are not good enough and start telling yourself that you are more than enough. You have to take back your power in order to live out your life unapologetically as your best self. It starts with you love who you are and deciding to accept yourself, that is when you find the confidence you need to own it!

Book Editing

Working on editing the book. I’ve done some editing but I’m hiring a professional editor to ensure the book conveys my message the best way possible without taking away from my story. I didn’t realize the different types of editing that needs to take place but I know the book will be perfect and ready for print once its all done.

Go Fund Me

I’m so excited to share with you life’s lessons along my natural hair journey and how to overcome the negative stigmas with my book, which I have been working on for a while now and it’s almost complete.  You can be a contributor to spreading the word with a donation.  Be apart of the empowerment of black women, helping them to be proud of their hair and to be confident in their own skin. Contribute to this guide on how to overcome the stigmas that are placed on black women’s hair, to take the next steps in starting their natural hair journey and most importantly encouraging the next generation of young black women to be confident with who they are.–natural–hair–empowerment–empower-1