Stay woke

There’s a uniqueness in black hair. It’s a symbol of power and strength and is something that we shouldn’t hide, but we’re proud, like a crown.

There’s a unique texture that we have tried to change in order to assimilate into American society but it makes a political statement when worn in its natural state. We should represent who we are and not be afraid to make a statement. We shouldn’t be afraid to be different and wear our natural hair unapologetically.

Many women try to go natural and discover that it takes a lot of time and patience to maintain their natural hair. Maintaining a wig or weave may have been easier but it’s not real. Many women give up on their natural hair because they don’t feel it’s that serious, but disregarding your hair is like telling yourself you’re not good enough.

Invest that same time and energy you put in fake hair in your own hair and learn your own hair texture and ways of maintaining it. It may be challenging and it may be time-consuming but it’s only yourself you’re investing in.

Take the time to love your self-image and own your natural hair.


Published by Joshica

I'm a wife, mom Air Force veteran, author and CEO of JOSHICA BEAUTY

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