Returning Natural

When I was young I remember telling my aunt when I grow up I want to be a white girl. I told her I wanted to be white because I wanted long, pretty hair like the woman I saw on television.  She explained that I don’t have to be white to have long pretty hair that my hair will grow long and pretty.  So in my adult life I went on a natural hair rollercoaster, going from straight to natural, to wigs and weaves but my goal was to have long and pretty hair like the woman on the television.  It wasn’t until a heated debate with my husband, Dominque, that I heard someone express how beautiful my hair was and how much they loved it that I then started to see my hair in a different light and started loving my natural hair.  I later created products to encourage and empower other black women to start loving their natural hair and walking confidently as their best self. 

Published by Joshica

I'm an Air Force veteran, a naturalista, wife, mom and CEO of Joshica Beauty, luxury skin and hair care

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